You are most powerful in My Kingdom when you know who you are and your internal life is ordered.

This is why it is so important to make time to spend in my presence. Nothing is required of you my son other than to show up and be open to me. You don’t need to strive to feel my Presence or hear my voice.  In fact as you sit, often in the stillness you might feel alone and wonder where I am.  Embrace this my child. If this is where you are at emotionally then that is where I will join you.  Don’t fight against it, but embrace all feelings as Pathways to my presence, even painful ones.  Sometimes I allow the painful memories to surface so that I may shine a light in areas of darkness, to expose the lying messages that devalue you and cause pain.   If they show up bring them to me. Ask me to help you sort them out.  Cling to me with everything you have and know that I care deeply about you and your feelings.


Trust in goodness

Meditate on goodness and my peace will tranform your hear and mind.

Yes you can trust in it. Perfect love casts out fear of all punishment and pain.

Philippians 4:6-7New International Version (NIV)

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


As you spend time with me in stillness and prayer, it is as if you are sitting in front of a mirror that is slowly revealing a more accurate reflection of your true identity.

Because as you listen and see, I am revealing to you what is going on in your soul and taking the mud off the mirror thst distorts how you see yourself. The more time you spend in my presence the more clearly you will see Me and yourself.

Cease all striving my son and know that I am with you and want to be with you. I value our connection each and every time you choose to spend time with me. I will never turn you away. Never.

The more time you spend with your Creator, the more you will approve of His creation. This the source of all self esteem.


Be alert and pay attention to what experiences are draining your sense of value. Listen to the message and ask Me how to address it.

Like holes in a boat, your vessel begins sinking and you tend to not know why.  Pay attention to these messages that devalue you and allow me to help you know how to patch up the holes.  Usually they are lies that you resonate and agree with.

It’s no fun when your ship is sinking. 


Allow My unconditional love cover the shame you feel from being unloved

Indeed you are loveable my child.  Worth loving through and through.


When it comes to being acceptable, surrender the standards you place upon yourself. They are a burden on you, for My standard has already been met.

Being under any law is a curse upon your soul. It is the crack that allows the muddy waters of condemnation and self judgement to infiltrate your heart and weigh you down.
Use My resource often for filling all the cracks you think you have. The sacrificial blood of My Son will keep the enemy of your soul at bay. Stand firm in my provision of grace and full acceptance for all your shortcomings. I don’t see them. Learn to see past them as I do.

Put your faith in what I see.


When you are unable to feel my presence and embrace, learn how to lean on my grace.

My presence cam be a tricky thing. It is always with you whether you feel it or not. Unfortunately you can’t demand your feelings to change.  Start with taking your thoughts captive to obey me, then ask me to help you in any area of unbelief.  Meditate on my goodness and promises, practice thanksgiving and you will begin to change the atmosphere within you. Be patient my child. Be still and know I am here and I am.with you, even in the places of darkness and feeling alone.


Shame is a bully. Learn when to stand up to it and when to ignore it. It’s goal is to intimidate and make you feel bad about yourself.


Bring to Me what you are hiding under your cardboard boxes of shame. Allow my loving sacrifice to set you free.

Are you are aware my child that there are areas in your life where you are hiding shame and living in fear?  There are places where you avoid out of fear of rejection.  I want to set you free and I have made a provision for you.  My son Jesus has paid the price in full. He has taken on your shame and all of the shame in the world so that you would no longer have to carry it or hide it away.  Allow my love to reveal this to you and it is yours to accept and believe or not.  I want you to live freely my child. I want you to be the child I created you to be- destined to shine my glory.


Imagine goodness. Practice thanksgiving

And the peace of God will be with you.


We can’t be close to that which we judge, because the very nature of judgement separates us from the object of our judgement.


Our flesh is like a compass of impulses. It’s urges and wants are usually found at the surface of life, as opposed to our values, whose roots run deeper into the realm of our spirit.

In the end it is no fun being out of control and drug around by the impulses of your flesh. They have immediate rewards but long term dissatisfaction because they are not rooted into the soil of your deeper values, purpose, and identity.


Don’t let yourself get too attached to outcomes or you are letting external things control your internal peace.


Value is the greatest currency you can give or receive.

And when we are in touch with our own value, we can be empowered to give it to others.

Spend time depositing and receiving value in your value bucket.


Wisdom is to be sought out and gathered as precious stones.

It has little to do with intelligence rather am inclination amd posture of the heart.