This blog is about gaining awareness and internalizing spiritual principles that have been tested to bear good fruit.

My goal is to effectively communicate each concept or principle (the “aha”) using the perfect combination of words and pictures (right and left brain harmony).

My ultimate desire is inspire and bring clarity to those who want to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Integrating Multiple Streams of Spirit & Soul:

Streams = Flow, Movement, Life-giving Nutrients

Stream #1:  Spiritual Re-connection (Vertical)

  • Back to the Garden
  • The Fall and it’s Effect
  • God’s Redemptive Plan
  • Our Part and His Part

Stream #2:  Relational Re-connection (Horizontal)

  • Made in His Image as Relational Beings
  • 2 or More Gathered
  • Gathering Safe People for the Journey

Stream #3:  Tearing Down

  • Stripping to foundation
  • Digging Deep
  • Attending to the Root Issues

Stream #4:  Building Up

  • God’s Economy of Receive then Give
  • Ways We Receive Love
  • Overcoming

Stream #5:  Helping Others

  • Overcoming by Word of Our Testimony
  • Being Christ’s Ambassadors
  • The Greatest is the Least of them


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