I honor your desire to connect with Me. Remember to dial up faith with the hands of a child.

You don’t need to strive to feel my presence my son. Feelings will come in time.  Practice emptying and surrender and I will fill in the gaps with my grace. Learn to depend on my grace.  Lean on it with everything you have and you can tune up love while tuning down fear and judgment.  Learn how to focus on what you do have, and you will defeat the critical and demanding spirit you are familiar with. It has no power when you refuse to play it’s games of performance.
Remember it’s My righteousness not yours that is imparted to you. If you want to boast, boast in the power of My grace to keep you standing tall.  The is no room for shame when you stop entering the trap of trying to define yourself by how well you compare to your ideal image or the outer  performance of others. Let it go and embrace all of what is. My grace can do that.


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