Like Avatar, your spirit man is piloting the earth suit of your soul

And in your soul are your mind will and emotions.
In your mind exist the programs you have absorbed and learned throughout life. Some bad (inaccurate), and some good (life giving).  It is a good practice to step back in your spirit and detach from the automatic programs in your soul, and allow me to give you fresh eyes to see what is helpful and what isn’t My truth.  You can call this practice whatever you wish, I call it Renewal and Transformation.  Sit with me and we can do this together for I am the Spirit of God and I will lead you into all truth.  Knowing you are loved by foundation will help you see in the dark places. For I am always with you.  Any familiar program that tells you otherwise is simply bad information. You can unlearn anything that isn’t life giving and true of who you are. For the truth is I delight in you. 


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