You are most powerful in My Kingdom when you know who you are and your internal life is ordered.

This is why it is so important to make time to spend in my presence. Nothing is required of you my son other than to show up and be open to me. You don’t need to strive to feel my Presence or hear my voice.  In fact as you sit, often in the stillness you might feel alone and wonder where I am.  Embrace this my child. If this is where you are at emotionally then that is where I will join you.  Don’t fight against it, but embrace all feelings as Pathways to my presence, even painful ones.  Sometimes I allow the painful memories to surface so that I may shine a light in areas of darkness, to expose the lying messages that devalue you and cause pain.   If they show up bring them to me. Ask me to help you sort them out.  Cling to me with everything you have and know that I care deeply about you and your feelings.


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