My prayer: God would you resurrect the deadness I feel within me?

I turn away from judging the emptiness I feel inside. There are large parts of my heart that feel lifeless.  Dark, empty, alone, fearful, and without hope.

Would you reach your arms into these places within my soul?  Would you allow me to experience the warmth of your embrace?  Would you bring life out of this nothingness, the deadness I feel inside?

In faith and value I refuse to judge or condemn these parts of me.  I trust in the sovereignty of your grace to embrace the pain I carry within.  I turn away from all messages of shame and judgement.  I don’t need to split these feelings off.  I don’t need to be ashamed when I lose that smile within me.  You cover me as I am.  You’ve taught me that I am not my pain.  It is a part of my story but not my identity.

Breath life to these dead bones as only you can my Father.

I trust in you for you are good.


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