A normalized need paves the way for soul satisfaction

A desire fulfilled is satisfying to the soul.

So often we struggle to with awareness of our needs and even if we know what our need is, many of us struggle with the permission to have them to begin with. Shame creeps in from years of the our going unmet. What a tragedy, for they were and are part of the goodness of our wonderful design. God put needs in us that we might find joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. In a fallen world this often goes arry and our needs go unmet. This doesn’t negate the original need. Whatever our interpretation of an unmet need, in a fallen world, usually ends up with us feeling less valuable. Going back to our unadulterated needs then becomes a way of getting back in touch with what is alive in us, without any judgement or shame. Quite the contrary, let us celebrate what makes us human, what brings us to life!


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