Though He is invisible, we learn to lean on Him as if He is there. As we walk in the dark with eyes of faith, we discover the One who cares is always there.

image004He delights in any inward posture that relies on Him.  We learn to thank God for even our struggles, feabliness, failures, mistakes, character flaws,  and weaknesses because they are reminders of our human need for grace and mercy.  And He wants to be the source we turn to.  Like cars with a limited gas supply, we are dependant on regular fill ups. We need His love in order to survive and thrive. That is not anything to be ashamed about, for on the contrary it is the folly of man to be self reliant.  Our hubris is pride, to which avoiding the false shame of needing love becomes our motivation.  God’s Kingdom flips the table on this equation.  Those who acknowledge they are sick and in need of a doctor are the ones whose name gets written into the book of life.  Our humility then becomes our only pre-qualification requirement.  Next is simply learning how to ask and receive.  And to imagine a Creator who loves us so much His loving arms are patiently waiting for us to jump into His embrace.  By faith we trust in the invisible God who cares.


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